New Emojis Are Coming to Your iPhone This Fall (Here’s a Sneak Peek)

List of New Emojis 20211 Credit: Emojipedia
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A bunch of new emojis have just been drafted and are ready to become part of the official list of emojis this September. And even though none of these emojis are official yet, we can get a first look at what the Unicode Consortium might approve in just a few months and eventually make their way to your iPhone.

As the Unicode draft list states, these emojis aren’t the final versions just yet. Still, we can get a pretty good look at the candidates for this year.

Some of the new emoji candidates are geared towards inclusion and diversity, like a pregnant man and a pregnant person.

Meet the New Emojis

There’s a new emoji for a person with a crown and many different hand gestures with varying skin colors. These hand gestures include the finger-heart gesture that’s a famous sign for K-Pop fans. There’s even a thumb and index finger emoji, which could be used for situations like asking for money.

The draft list also has new faces that are perfect for every mood, like a holding back tears face and a melting face, which is ideal for many situations.

Additionally, we have other emoji candidates like a troll, a nest with eggs, and even an x-ray emoji.

On the other hand, you’ll also be able to change the skin color of both hands individually in the handshake emoji. There is a total of 15 different combinations to choose from now.

When Can We Start Using These New Emojis?

As we mentioned, these emojis aren’t final just yet. Each emoji may be altered before the Unicode Consortium approves them in September. However, there won’t be any more additions this year.

After the emojis are approved, each company takes different lengths of time to release their own versions of these emojis – but you should expect these new emojis to drop Apple iPhones at the end of 2021 or in the first half of 2022. The same goes for the other platforms too.

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