New ‘Echo Look’ Turns Amazon’s Alexa into a Personal Stylist

Amazon Echo Look 2

Image via Amazon

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Amazon on Thursday announced a new addition to the Echo family of devices: a smart “style assistant” called the Echo Look. Essentially, the Echo Look is a mix between a camera, a digital assistant, and a “smart mirror” that integrates with your iPhone or iPad.

The Look can take full-length photos of your outfits hands-free — its built-in features can blur the background of your images, letting your outfits “pop.” You can also ask the Echo Look to take a 360-degree video of your outfit, letting you easily see yourself from all angles without craning your neck or use multiple mirrors.

The corresponding iOS companion app lets you stitch together these photos and videos into a personal style lookbook. You can browse photos of your various outfits and looks, which should save users the hassle of actually trying everything on. The app also lets you easily share your individual pictures or videos to various social media platforms — perfect for the aspiring or established fashion blogger alike.

What’s more, the Look comes pre-built with a feature called “Style Check” — which uses a mixture of fashion expert advice and machine learning to let you know which outfits or styles look best on you. The Look judges based on fit, color, styling and current style trends, and you can submit two photos to get a “second opinion” on which outfit is better. And, because it relies on machine learning algorithms, the Look gets smarter the more you use it. As with most Echo devices, the Look also has Alexa, letting you use it as a standard digital assistant. Via the Look’s voice commands, you can ask Alexa to set alarms, hear weather reports, play music, read you the latest headlines, or check the traffic on your commute.

Currently, the Echo Look, which retails for $199.99, is available by invitation only. Interested customers can request an invitation from the Look’s Amazon product page.

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