New Concept Shows What Apple’s AirPods Would Look Like in Jet Black

New Concept Shows What Apple’s AirPods Would Look Like in Jet Black
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Apple caused quite the stir when it revealed that its newest flagship would lack a 3.5mm headphone jack.

And it might be a bumpy transition for many users. Not only will owners of Apple’s new iPhone 7 have to get used to new adapters and headphone connections, but they might lose some functionality at first, due to the wide range of audio and other devices that connect via the headphone jack, according to PhoneArena.

But Apple is professing to be pioneering something better: an era of wireless audio devices, doing away with the mess and jumble of cables that we’re all so used to. To usher in a new golden period of wireless audio, Apple is releasing what it calls AirPods. These wireless earbuds — which clip magnetically to a case that also doubles as a charger — cost $160. And Apple is marketing them as lightweight, small, and less prone to falling out during sport uses, Gizmodo reported.

And like all Apple accessories, they’re white in color — in stark contrast to Apple’s popular new iPhone finishes: Black and Jet Black. And that begs the question: Why aren’t Apple’s AirPods available in glossy black?

Jet Black AirPods

Popular artist Martin Hajek recently released 3D renders of what a black pair of AirPods would look like — and they look awesome. In a blog post, Hajek said that he modeled and rendered the earphones in a finish identical to Apple’s glossy Jet Black. He even rendered the AirPods charging case in the same color — and when both devices are sitting next to a Jet Black iPhone 7, it makes perfect sense.

With the Black and Jet Black iPhones being in such high demand, it arguably would have been a fantastic move to release at least a special edition version of the AirPods in Jet Black — even if the color choice would have gone against the company’s trademark aesthetic.

So while we probably won’t see black AirPods on store shelves, at least we can appreciate Hajek’s renders — and maybe even daydream a bit about the possibility.

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