New Armband for Apple Watch Makes Upper-Body Exercise Hassle-Free

New Fitness Study Crowns Apple Watch Best Heart Rate Monitor
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The iPhone has perennially been ranked as the number-one selling smartphone, so it should come to no surprise that the Apple Watch is, by far, the best selling smartwatch on the market. While most users are impressed by the Watch’s ability to handle notifications and act as a quick and convenient communication too, the Apple Watch has also become one of the best-selling and highest-rated fitness accessories out there.

The Apple Watch does a great job at tracking your steps and calories burned throughout the day as well as tracking distance and pace for any walking, running, cycling, and (with the Apple Watch Series 2) even swimming workouts. It also boasts an incredible heart-rate monitor – a necessity for fitness freaks trying to get the most out of their workout, and a great tool for anyone looking to accurately track their calories. In fact, when pitted against the “highest-rated heart rate monitor” at US Consumer Reports, they found “no significant differences” between the Apple Watch and the dedicated heart-rate monitor.

That said, if there is one common complaint among fitness enthusiasts about the Apple Watch, it’s that the placement on the wrist is not optimal for every type of workout. While placement on the wrist is fine for most jogging and cycling workouts, it can often get in the way when lifting weights, wearing boxing gloves, or during an intense CrossFit-style workout. The good news is, Apple accessory creator TwelveSouth just debuted an upper arm strap for the Apple Watch at CES.

According to TwelveSouth, “The Apple Watch is the most advanced health & fitness device ever, but the wrist is not always the perfect place to wear it. Sports like kickboxing, weightlifting and CrossFit often require protective sports gear and full wrist mobility that can rule out the use of Apple Watch on the wrist.” Their new product, the ActionSleeve allows users to strap their Apple Watch to their upper arm or bicep, so that it doesn’t get in the way when performing a variety of different sporting activities, but is still viewable during the workout. The screen, digital crown, and button remain fully accessible, and the Watch itself is protected from dings and scratches by a silicon bumper. TwelveSouth even claims that the ActionSleeve can improve the heart rate tracking of the Apple Watch – “When you flex your wrist or your watch band isn’t tight enough, it can cause inconsistent readings or drop outs. ActionSleeve holds Apple Watch tightly and securely to your upper arm – delivering more consistent skin contact and more accurate heart rate tracking.”

The ActionSleeve is available now at for $29.99. It is available in red and black for 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches, and is also available in a 42mm “slim” model for those who have a bit slimmer arms. Anyone that has been frustrated in the past with the placement of the Apple Watch during workouts will surely be pleased with the ActionSleeve.

See the ActionSleeve’s promotional video below.

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