New Apple Watch Series 4 Models Are Being Aggressively Discounted Now

Apple Watch Series 41 Credit: Rex Chamberlain / iDrop News
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You can’t buy an Apple Watch Series 4 directly from Apple anymore. But you can still pick one up from a third-party — and for a lot cheaper, too.

Since the Cupertino tech giant announced the Series 5 in September, Amazon has been discounting the previous-generation Series 4.

Today, we spotted some of the steepest discounts on the older models to date.

Current Apple Watch Series 4 Prices

You can nab the 44mm GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4 for just $330 on Amazon currently.

That’s $100 off the standard list price just a couple months ago.

If you’d spring for the GPS + Cellular variant, you can pick those from Amazon for just $370. That’s $160 off the original price.

It’s worth noting that it’s only $40 more than the GPS-only model on Amazon, too. Apple generally prices it GPS + Cellular models about $100 more than its GPS models, so you’ll save a bit more buying the last generation.

For comparison’s sake, the smaller Apple Watch Series 5 is currently available for $384 for the GPS-only model and $484 for the GPS + Cellular model.

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Series 5

Even though the Series 4 is technically a discontinued, last-generation model, it’s still incredibly up-to-date.

Mostly, that’s because the Apple Watch Series 5 is more of a muted update. The marquee features are an always-on display and new built-in compass capabilities.

If you can live without them, the Apple Watch Series 4 is going to offer pretty much the same functionality — the processors are even exactly the same.

Importantly, the Apple Watch Series 4 also has the full suite of features available in watchOS 6. That includes the new Noise app and all of the new watchOS 6-specific watch faces.

What If I Want a Cheaper Watch?

If the newest and flashiest watches don’t sway you, consider the Apple Watch Series 3. While it’s still available directly from Apple, you can also get a discount if you get it from Amazon.

The GPS-only model is currently $189 for the 38mm case variant. That’s the cheapest that we’ve seen that edition — and it’s $10 off Apple’s own pricing.

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