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New Apple TV Supports 3D Games and Movies

New Apple TV Supports 3D Games and Movies
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It’s no secret that 3D home televisions have been a flop. For most people, the extra money coupled with the requirement to wear 3D glasses on your own couch, just isn’t worth the hassle. But I think one of the biggest reasons it hasn’t been successful is the lack of execution and content in the gaming space.

More than anything else, 3D is meant to be immersive and what is more immersive than gaming? Apple has included 3D capability in the new Apple TV for compatible television sets and it may give 3D technology its best shot yet to become popular in the home.

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When you sit down to watch a movie on your couch it’s a whole different experience than being at the theater. There is no 3D home television set that I’ve seen that can come close to being as immersive as the big screen in a theater. Putting on 3D glasses at home seems weird, and you really can’t watch a 3D movie with more than a couple people, because in order to get the 3D effect you need to be front and center. But opening up the home 3D market to gaming makes a world of sense.

Apple’s target market for Apple TV games is obviously not diehard console gamers. These games are aimed more at families and groups as a fun activity to do together. In this environment the idea of 3D gaming and wearing the funky glasses at home seems like a lot of fun rather than being strange.

So if you have a television set at home with 3D capabilities that are being underused, the newest Apple TV may finally make that big purchase worth it, especially at only $150.

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The first few 3D enabled apps have already been released on the new tvOS App Store. One of the first developers to release 3D content for the new Apple TV is Pangea Software which has been developing games for Apple products for years. Pangea has already released a number of 3D games including combat game Air Wings, adventure game Bugdom 2, dinosaur game Nanosaur 2, space game Nucleus and robot game Otto Matic. All of Pangea’s new games are capable of being played in stereo 3D on a capable television and are compatible with either the Siri Remote or any other tvOS compatible controller.

Once more developers get on board with the 3D capabilities of the new Apple TV, a whole new dimension, no pun intended, could open the door to massive growth in the consumer gaming market.

Obviously, for those that do enjoy watching television and movies in 3D, the new Apple TV will support that content as well. It will be interesting to see if developers buy into the 3D capabilities included in the new Apple TV. For now go check out Pangea’s new 3D games, that is if you have a 3D television, and let us know what you think about the future of 3D gaming and content on the Apple TV.

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