New Apple TV with Siri and App Store to Launch this June

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We know that Apple reduced the price of the Apple TV during their Spring Forward Event a few weeks ago, as well as provided new details on the Apple Watch and revealed the new MacBook. Apple reducing the price insinuated that they wanted to get rid of extra inventory ahead of a new model. New reports suggest that indeed a new model is on the way.

Reports claim that Apple is going to debut a new Apple TV this summer with a lot of new features including its own App Store and Siri support. Rumors of Apple TV getting its own App Store have been floating around for some time, and seem that it is finally being proven true. Apple will most likely debut the device during its annual WWDC in June, as well as unveil an SDK so that developers can create apps for the TV.

Reports claim that we can expect Apple to outfit the new Apple TV with an A8 processor, over 8GB of storage, support for connected HomeKit smart home device, as well as an updated design. We know that there have been rumors that Apple has been wanting to enter the streaming TV market, and a new device might be a perfect way to enter that type of service.

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