New Apple Pencil 2 Details and Troubleshooting Guide

Apple Pencil 2 Credit: Innovation Box
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Alongside its gorgeous new 11- and 12.9-inch edge-to-edge iPad Pro models, Apple last week unveiled a redesigned and functionally advanced refresh of its Apple Pencil drawing/input tool exclusively for use with the next-generation iPads.

Featuring in-built magnets allowing for seamless attachment to the new iPad Pro’s box-edged chassis, Apple’s revamped Pencil tool also boasts features like automatic pairing, wireless charging (when attached to the iPad), and a host of innovative gesture- and tap-based input controls like tap-to-wake, double-tap to switch tools, and more.

Apple’s second-generation Pencil was also redesigned, materially, with an all-new matte finish. It features no cap, metal ring or Lightning connector — along with a more streamlined design — in comparison to its predecessor.

New Apple Pencil Details

Now, with Apple’s latest iPad Pro models and accessories arriving on doorsteps around the world, we’re learning some new and previously unreported details about the stylus device. This may help clarify some issues and concerns for our readers.

In effect, this means you’ll only be able to charge the new Apple Pencil by attaching it to the side of a new iPad Pro — it won’t be able to charge up if simply placed on a pad like recent iPhone models.

  • Next is that the new Apple Pencil, unlike its predecessor, does NOT include an extra, replacement tip in the box. 

There’s no telling why the company opted not to include an extra tip this year — especially since the new Apple Pencil is $30 more than its predecessor. However, the company is apparently selling a 4-pack of replacement tips for $19 in the U.S.

  • Finally, in an internal memo shared with its retail stores on Wednesday and verified by MacRumors, Apple notes that some customers “may experience the new Apple Pencil as unresponsive after initial setup,” and provides the following, step-by-step guidance for rectifying the issue:
  1. Pair the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro, ensuring the tablet has a reliable internet connection.
  2. The iPad Pro will automatically download an Apple Pencil firmware update and send it to the stylus via Bluetooth. (NOTE: Apple Pencil will work normally during this 10-minute transfer, while the update itself will last roughly two minutes during which the stylus will be non-responsive.)
  3. Once the update is complete, following a brief, automatic 60-second reset, the Apple Pencil should begin functioning as expected.

Over on its official iPad Pro landing page, Apple shares a wealth of additional information, tips and tricks to help users learn about the new Apple Pencil. It is exclusive to the 11- or 12.9-inch iPad Pro and is available to order now for $129.


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