New Apple Maps Feature Could Edge Out Google Maps in Large Cities

New Apple Maps Feature Could Edge Out Google Maps in Large Cities

The New Maps App Will Help Navigate Large Terminals Like Grand Central Station

An update to Apple Maps was announced earlier this month at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The update, which will be included in iOS 9, includes features that users have been clamoring for, for quite some time. While Apple did confirm that they are working on adding a street view function for their Maps app, probably the most exciting addition to the update is the re-introduction of transit directions. When iOS 9 is released, users who commute using buses, trains, subways, and ferries will be able to receive step by step directions to get from their origin to their destination.

062915-MAPSTRANSIT-2The Apple Maps Update Was Announced at This Year’s WWDC

While transit directions have been present in Google Maps for years now, Apple has added a seemingly small feature that may give their software the edge in large cities where public transportation is the norm. Apple Maps will not only help you decide which train to take and when, it assist you in navigating the station itself. The new mapping software will include a small feature that will help you find the nearest entrance for your train or subway stop, as well as telling you which exit from the station to take to put you closer to your destination. While the feature itself is fairly small, it could save a lot of time for users who have to navigate through large terminals such as Grand Central in New York.

062915-MAPSTRANSIT-3Transit directions will be available in select cities at launch. Users in San Francisco, Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and several cities abroad will be able to take advantage of the new feature when iOS 9 becomes available this fall. In addition to public transportation directions, the iOS 9 update will add a street view functions for select cities, as well as Siri support in Apple Maps.

Do you use public transit in your home town? Will Apple Map’s new features give you enough reason to jump ship from Google Maps? Let us know in the comments below!

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