Most Compelling Reasons to Get a VPN for Your iPhone and iPad

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Between hackers, government entities, and snoopy tech giants, there is no shortage of threats to your online security and privacy. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy solution that can help mitigate some of these threats: a VPN. Find the best VPNs here.

A VPN, or virtual private network, essentially allows you to browse the internet anonymously while keeping your data safe. And you can use them on pretty much all of your smart devices — including your iPhone and iPad. See best VPNs for iPad and iPhone.

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Top Reasons to Use a VPN on an iOS Device

  1. It’ll keep your data safe. If there’s one thing to remember about using a VPN, it’s this: it’s a simple way to significantly boost your cybersecurity. VPNs will apply end-to-end encryption to all of your internet traffic, meaning that sensitive data can’t be intercepted.
  2. It allows you to unlock geo-restricted content. VPNs are, arguably, most commonly used to bypass geographic restrictions on content like Netflix shows. Essentially, you’ll be able to access content that’s restricted to a different region.
  3. It increases your privacy. If you don’t want your carrier or internet service provider (ISP) in your business, get a VPN. Because your browsing data is encrypted, ISPs and carriers won’t be able to know what you’re up to on your device.
  4. It lets you use public Wi-Fi safely. Public Wi-Fi is handy — but it’s also incredibly unsecure. Normally, we recommend staying away from anything sensitive when you’re using public Wi-Fi. But a VPN encrypts your data, so you can have peace of mind on that unsecured network.
  5. It’ll help you become anonymous. A VPN will boost your internet privacy — but it’ll also make you more anonymous overall. Advertisers and government agencies alike will be much less likely to connect your browsing history to your identity.
  6. You can access secure content remotely. If you ever need to access a sensitive corporate server while on-the-road, a VPN will help you established a secure connection. That way, you aren’t risking your businesses’ sensitive data.
  7. Get around internet censorship. Similar to geographic restrictions, certain regions around the world will block popular websites like Facebook or YouTube. A VPN can help you get around those “great firewalls” if you’re traveling internationally.
  8. If you torrent, it’ll help. We don’t advocate for doing anything illegal, but if you use torrenting software, a VPN will come in handy. Even users who only download legal torrents will often find their torrenting apps getting throttled.
  9. They often come with bonus features. While they aren’t the main draw, most VPNs also come with additional features like built-in firewalls and more.
  10. There’s no reason not to. If you choose a good-quality VPN with solid performance and a no-log policy, there’s really no downside to using a VPN. The most popular VPNs are also extremely easy to set up and use on your iOS device.

In Other Words, Get One

All of this is to say that using a VPN on your iPhone and iPad is kind of a no-brainer; especially if you value your online privacy and cybersecurity. Just make sure to do your research, avoid free VPNs, and make sure to get a good-quality VPN from a reputable company. Here are the top VPNs we recommend.

See Top VPNs for iPhone/iPad

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