Minor iOS 10.3 Bug Reactivates Disabled iCloud Features

Minor iOS 10.3 Bug Turns on Disabled iCloud Features
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Apple is warning users that iOS 10.3 might have re-enabled certain features that they’ve previously turned off.

The company reportedly sent out emails to certain iCloud users informing them of the iOS 10.3 bug. Apple’s latest mobile operating system update changed a lot — from the switch to the new Apple File System to a reworking of how iCloud storage is broken down — so it’s not out of the ordinary that something went awry. As of now, the bug has apparently only affected a limited number of iOS 10.3 users. The email was first spotted and obtained from a reader by MacRumors.

“We discovered a bug in the recent iOS 10.3 software update that impacted a small number of iCloud users,” the Apple email reads. “This may have inadvertently re-enabled some iCloud services that you had previously disabled on your device.”

Although it’s certainly not a huge or device-breaking issue, Apple’s iCloud team is still recommending users double-check to see if certain features have been re-enabled. It’s currently unknown which specific iCloud features the iOS 10.3 bug affects — but Apple later clarified in a statement that iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Keychain and Find My iPhone are not among them.

“We suggest you go to iCloud settings on your iOS device to make sure that only the services you’d like to use are enabled,” Apple’s iCloud team suggested.

Apple has specified that the iCloud issue has indeed been fixed in Monday’s iOS 10.3.1. If you’re running iOS 10.3 and want to check to see if the bug has affected your device, go to Settings and tap your Apple ID menu card at the top. From there, tap on the iCloud menu.

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