Microsoft Will Literally Pay You to Trade in Your MacBook Pro for a Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Will Literally Pay You to Trade in Your MacBook Pro for a Surface Pro 4
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Microsoft is pulling another strategic move in the laptop wars. This holiday season, the tech giant will pay owners of Apple-branded computers up to $650 to trade in their device.

It’s all part of Microsoft’s “trade-in and trade up” program. Depending on the model of MacBook you have, Microsoft will apply that potential $650 toward the purchase of a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book — although it’s worth noting that the amount of credit you’ll actually get is dependent on model, condition and other factors.

And this isn’t Microsoft’s first buyback campaign aimed squarely at Apple. The company also runs several other similar programs that will give companies and consumers credit for trading in devices — including many Apple products. For example, an iPad may be worth up to $455 credit toward various models of Windows tablet. Do you, against all odds, have a shiny new, 256GB iPhone 7 Plus? Microsoft will give you up to $580 in credit for it. Of course, if you got your hands on an iPhone 7 Plus, you’re probably not quite ready to give it up just yet.

This announcement is pretty obviously nothing more than a cunning PR move, due to its impeccable timing just a few hours before Apple’s “Hello Again” MacBook Pro refresh event. Even the wording in the campaign’s title, calling trading in an Apple device for a Microsoft device a “trade up,” is an obvious dig at Cupertino.

Of course, unless you’re specifically looking to get a particular Microsoft device, it’s not really all that great of a deal anyway. If you’re really dead set on parting ways with your Apple device, you could probably sell it to someone else for a lot more than Microsoft will give you — and the obvious plus of that is that you’ll get cold, hard cash instead of Microsoft credit.

If you’re curious to see how much your MacBook is worth to Microsoft, you can visit the buyback program’s page here.

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