Microsoft Wants iMessage on Windows 10 – But Here’s the Problem

Imessage Microsoft Windows 10 Credit: Microsoft
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Microsoft wants to incorporate full and unabridged support for Apple’s iMessage platform into an upcoming app for Windows 10 PCs, which the company hopes will streamline Windows/iOS integration like never before, the company said at its annual Build developers conference.

At the conference, executives revealed an upcoming app they’ve been working on, dubbed “Your Phone.” Chiefly, the app is designed in hopes of simplifying the iOS and Android experience, so as to make the mobile operating systems work more seamlessly with Windows 10 PCs by allowing users to access everything from their photos, to text messages, notifications and more on either device with ease.

One obvious obstacle Microsoft is facing, however, is how to integrate Apple’s iMessage platform into the mix — though they’re fully on-board with the idea of working together with Cupertino to make it happen, according to The Verge.

What’s the Issue?

In a far-ranging interview held on the sidelines of its Build event, Microsoft executives Joe Belfiore and Shilpa Ranganathan explained that while they would love to bring full support for iMessage to the Your Phone app, though Apple’s closed ecosystem makes the prospect a challenge.

Ranganathan, whose role is General Manager of Microsoft Launcher, Edge iOS/Android and Windows cross device experiences, went on to elaborate that her firm obviously wants to bring iMessage support to Your Phone in a way that is both “respectful to the ecosystem,” but that ultimately makes for an enjoyable and full-featured user experience, too.

“Apple does make it a tad harder for messages, but we’re very willing to work with Apple,” Ranganathan said, adding that “I want to do this in a supported way with a respect for the ecosystem we’re building on and at the same time make it a delightful experience. Messages is one where we’re not currently where we need to be compared to Android, but we need to work with Apple.”

Interestingly, Ranganathan admitted that her team has yet to even approach Apple about a potential iMessage on Windows 10 partnership — likely due to the uncertainty of whether the iPhone-maker would even consent, which is hard to imagine given its pride in creating Apple-exclusive software that runs only on Apple devices.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors over the years saying that iMessage would eventually be coming to Android, for example. And while there do exist clever yet unofficial means of making that happen, we’re still waiting (perhaps indefinitely) on an Apple-approved iMessage migration.

Of course, while there are a few benefits of Apple allowing iMessage to roam freely on Windows 10, such as keeping a huge population of PC owners tied down to their iPhones, Apple would undoubtedly much prefer if you went out and purchased a new Mac to utilize the genuine iMessage experience, instead.

Still, though Apple’s decision of whether or not to work with Microsoft is inconclusive until further notice, it’s clear that Windows 10’s Your Phone app will provide a range of benefits to Android users, at least to start.

Do you think Apple will consent to working with Microsoft on its Your Phone project? Let us know in the comments!
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