Marketing Company Tries to Deceive Apple Fans with Fake AirPods 2 Leak

Airpods 2 Fake Ad Credit: YouTube
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A Los Angeles-based marketing studio created a pair of fake AirPods ads that deceived the Apple blogosphere for a short period of time.

The fake ad spots were first reported by MacRumors on Wednesday, and the site indicated that a tipster had sent over the ostensibly “leaked” videos. It wasn’t long before other Apple news sites started picking up the story.

iDrop News also received an email from the alleged tipsters on Wednesday regarding the fake ads. When we asked for proof of authenticity, or where the ads came from, the “tipsters” never responded.

Both videos featured a silhouetted dancer using AirPods in front of a colorful laser light show. And to be fair, a lot of effort was put into the ads to make them appear authentic. At first glance, they look very Apple-esque — and the style of the videos themselves seem like an obvious callback to Apple’s old-school iPod commercials.

Then again, there were a couple hints that the ads weren’t genuine. For example, the “2” that appeared in the ad’s AirPods 2 logo was not in the same typeface as the rest of the marketing copy.

MacRumors later updated their piece to apologize and clarify that the ads were fake and part of a marketing stunt specifically made to deceive Apple news sites.

Both videos were created by a filmmaking and marketing firm called Culprit Studios, which is based in L.A.

Interestingly, the faked ads appear to have been an elaborate hoax to garner attention for an apparently self-branded line of men’s underwear owned by the marketing firm. On the other hand, it isn’t clear if Culprit Studios actually sells underwear, or if that is itself some type of publicity stunt.

And despite tricking several Apple news sites, the ads were likely not that effective as a marketing stunt. As of the writing of this article, the leaked “ad” had 471 views on YouTube and more dislikes than likes.

While these ads were fake, AirPods 2 are very likely to be on their way. Though a firm release date isn’t clear, the updated wireless headphones are rumored to sport always-on Hey Siri, a black color option, and a grippier texture.

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