Mark Gurman Discusses Mac Pro, Mac Studio, iOS 17, macOS 14, nd watchOS 10

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman made an appearance on The MacRumors Show podcast, where he discussed Apple’s upcoming Mac Pro and Mac Studio, as well as iOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10 updates.

Gurman says Apple’ much-rumored Apple Silicon Mac Pro will not make an appearance at WWDC 2023 in June. Instead, he expects to see the Pro level Mac tower debut sometime later in the year. The pro machine is widely expected to debut sometime in 2023.

He also discussed the next-generation Mac Studio, saying it will likely not contain an M2-series chip. Instead, he says Apple is holding back on a refresh of the Mac Studio until the M3 generation of chips is ready for prime time, in order to avoid cannibalization of the new Mac Pro.

Gurman also said that Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Air, which will be powered by an M2 chip, was originally scheduled to launch last year. This means that we may see the 13-inch MacBook Air being placed on a separate chip upgrade cycle from the 15-inch model. The 13-inch model could potentially receive the M3 chip well ahead of the larger laptop. It remains to be seen how Apple will handle the chip upgrade cycles of both two MacBook Air models in the future.

Gurman further discussed Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset. He expects the “in-air typing” text input method to be a future on the headset when it launches, even though it can be a “finicky” experience. He says the device’s expected two-hour battery life will likely remain consistent through the upcoming generations of the device, as we’ve seen with the standard Apple Watch models, which have gained no noticeable battery life extensions since the Watch’s release in 2014.

Gurman also discussed how he sees iOS 17 as much like iOS 15, in that it will focus on improvements and updates to core apps, rather than featuring any standout features or massive changes to the mobile operating system, such as iOS 14’s widgets feature or iOS 16’s redesign of its Lock Screen. He instead expects to see improvements in the Find My and Wallet apps.

Gurman says the Find My improvements will be positioned as a part of a larger push for Fin My- and location-related features. He promises that he’ll be sharing more about iOS 17 in the near future.

Gurman expects Apple to release iOS 17’s much-expected app sideloading feature as a Europe-only feature to allow the Cupertino firm to comply with the European Union Digital Markets Act. He also says developers may be required to pay an additional fee to make their apps available through a third-party app store or direct download, and that he doesn’t expect Apple to mention this during the WWDC 2023 keynote. Instead, Apple is likely to make the changes very quietly.

When discussing macOS 14, Gurman says he doesn’t expect the upcoming Mac operating system to be a “groundbreaking or significant” update. Instead, he says Apple will focus on providing a consistent cross-platform experience including support for features in its other operating systems.

Gurman has previously said that watchOS 10 will be Apple’s most significant update to the Apple Watch’s operating system since it debuted. He says that while the watchOS platform’s core design won’t change, Apple will offer fresh ways to interact with the watchOS operating system. He doesn’t expect to see a new app folders feature, although others have claimed otherwise.

Apple will debut iOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10 at the WWDC 2023 keynote address, to be held on June 5.

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