Mario Is Officially Coming to iPhone This Fall in Nintendo’s New ‘Super Mario Run’ Game

Mario Is Officially Coming to iPhone This Fall in Nintendo’s New ‘Super Mario Run’ Game
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Earlier this year, the Japanese-based gaming-giant, Nintendo, promised fans that a number of new games featuring some of its most iconic characters would soon be coming to the iOS platform. And while the first two titles announced have so far been received by users with less than enthusing yawns, Apple and Nintendo on Wednesday morning at the company’s iPhone 7 launch event revealed that Nintendo would soon be releasing its first major title on iOS — a simple yet immersive game, featuring the iconic red-hatted character, Mario, in Nintendo’s all-new Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run, which Nintendo’s own Shigeru Miyamoto showed off on stage Wednesday, is built around a relatively simple, yet addictive and immersive, gaming experience. In the game, Mario will automatically run in the rightward direction, while the player controls his jumping (and thereby avoiding any obstacles and objects scattered along his path) as he collects as many coins as he can within the designated play period.

The player can control how high Mario jumps, simply by the extent of their tapping on the screen; and progress is tracked in real-time, as the player advances through the increasingly challenging levels.

Miyamoto, the legendary creator of Mario, took the stage at Apple’s Wednesday morning event to show off how utterly simple playing Super Mario Run is. He touted the game’s simple interface, and hyped up, in particular, how users can easily play the game on their iPhone using just one hand (even while eating a hamburger.)

Additionally, the game also features a first-of-its-kind battle mode that Nintendo is calling “Toad Rally” — whereby a user’s progress can be tracked, and their victory or loss determined, by the number of Toad characters they’re able to “impress”.

The title is set to launch later on this fall, ahead of the holiday season, 2016. However, while Nintendo was mum on the game’s pricing details, Miyamoto did confirm that, once it’s available, Super Mario Run will neither require you to make any ongoing, in-app purchases, nor feature any 3rd party advertising — but rather, the title will be available for an undisclosed flat price, which will afford the buyer with unlimited gameplay.

We’ll keep you posted on any additional details as they arise, including pricing and availability.

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