Man ‘Wins’ iPhone XS in a Claw Machine, Finds Something Else Entirely Inside

Man Wins Iphone Xs Claw Machine Credit: Facebook / Amrozi / Mashable
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Life, at times, can be unexpectedly disappointing. But in some cases, that disappointment can be taken up a few notches.

That seemed to be the case for young Indonesian Facebook user Amrozi. Recently, while Amrozi was on vacation in Taiwan, he spotted a claw machine with an iPhone XS box and decided to give it a whirl, according to videos he posted to Facebook (via Mashable).

The story gets more interesting when Amrozi, after a few attempts, actually managed to pick up the iPhone XS box and drop it neatly into the prize slot. That’s a feat in itself, since claw machines are notoriously difficult. As you might expect, he was pretty excited about his good luck (and claw machine skills).

But when Amrozi actually opened up his prize, that excitement likely turned to a level of disappointment that few of us have experienced.

That’s because the iPhone XS box did not, in fact, contain a $1,000 Apple handset at all. Instead, it appeared to hold a chocolate bar.

Posted by Amrozi on Monday, January 7, 2019

Adding insult to injury, that chocolate bar was also a ruse. Based on Amrozi’s videos, the bar actually appeared to be a slab of plastic or some other inedible material.

Digging deeper into the box, the young man discovered what, at first glance, looked like eight individually wrapped chocolate pieces. If you’ve noticed a pattern throughout this story, you can probably deduce that they too were not what they appeared to be.

Posted by Amrozi on Monday, January 7, 2019

The fake chocolate balls were also made of plastic. It turned out that they were small containers that each contained a condom. Yes, a condom. Eight in all.

Even though Amrozi was undoubtedly bummed abut his weird discovery, he still dutifully unwrapped each and every condom container to show off their contents.

It’s not clear who would go to the lengths to put condoms into fake chocolate balls and package them in an iPhone XS box with a fake brick of chocolate. The iPhone XS box was even wrapped in the plastic that Apple packaging usually comes clad in.

But whoever that person or persons might be, they’re well-versed in next-level trolling. And perhaps just a bit evil.

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