Man Fined for Driving 60 MPH with No Hands and Using Two iPhones

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Apparently, using one smartphone while driving wasn’t dangerous enough for one motorist in the UK. The driver in question was caught using not one, but two iPhones while behind the wheel.

Over the weekend, Surrey Police tweeted a picture of a man holding an iPhone in each hand while driving 60MPH — with no hands on the steering wheel. Authorities accompanied the photo with a tongue-in-cheek caption: “Whatever this driver had going on must have been super important — phone in each hand!”

The motorist was fined for his unsafe driving but wasn’t given any marks on his license since he wasn’t a UK resident. Local police used the event to double down on their zero tolerance for smartphone use while driving: “A mobile phone is part of everyday life for many of us, yet using a phone while driving is one of the biggest causes of data and serious crashes on our road,” said Chris Moon, a Surrey Police superintendent.

The driver was caught during Operation Tramline, a local police initiative in which officers travel in unmarked HGV trucks to catch dangerous motorists — basically a semi-truck cab without an attached trailer, which apparently allows officers to see into cars and catch drivers attempting to hide their phone use. The Surrey Police then film, photograph and publicly shame drivers using their phone via their official Twitter. The whole operation is, honestly, pretty amusing.

Interestingly enough, this wasn’t the first time authorities in Surrey caught someone using two iPhones while driving. Reportedly, local authorities had caught a different man doing the exact same thing just two days earlier.

Using a smartphone while driving is, of course, incredibly dangerous — and we can’t stress that fact enough.  Thankfully, in iOS 11, Apple is slated to introduce a new feature called “Do Not Disturb While Driving” that’ll make it easier for users to resist using their devices while on the road.


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