Man Arrested When He Listed Stolen Apple Watch 45 Minutes After Robbery

Jalen-Mosely Credit: Shelby County Jail System / WREG
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Authorities have arrested a man from Cordova, Tennessee for allegedly using social media to rob another local man of his Apple Watch. Reportedly, the man was taken into custody after he attempted to sell the same device online less than an hour later.

The victim said he agreed to sell his wearable to a man listed as Esb Jaee on Facebook Marketplace earlier this month. The two men met on a residential street in Cordova, a community near Memphis, according to local media.

The exchange was going as planned until the buyer reportedly asked the victim to recount the money. When he looked back up, the other man was pointing a gun at him and ordered him to stand still as he fled the scene.

It was only after the robbery that the victim realized that he was paid in counterfeit bills, WREG reported.

But while Facebook Marketplace may have allowed the man to make the robbery in the first place, it seems that the popular online platform might also have been his downfall.

About 45 minutes after the robbery, the suspect listed the stolen Apple Watch for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Using the social media platform, Memphis police were able to identify the man at 19-year-old Jalen Mosely of Cordova.

Reportedly, the victim also helped to identify the young man as the one who had robbed him, the Memphis Police Department said.

Mosely was taken into custody on Thursday by local authorities. He is facing charges of weapons possession, aggravated robbery and criminal simulation.

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