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One prominent change that came from the pandemic is organizations permanently switching to full or partial remote work. However, working outside of the secure office building poses a much higher security risk that needs to be taken into consideration. Fortunately, Jamf, an Apple Enterprise Management solution that protects Apple users, devices, and services, is offering solutions for this matter.

The Problem

Think about all the sensitive corporate information that is accessed by employees using Apple devices. What would you do if credentials for sensitive applications fell into the wrong hands? It’s a scary thought. Moreover, Apple devices aren’t completely immune to malware incidents that can lead to a devastating security breach.

“People need to understand that they’re not safe just because they’re using a Mac,” Thomas Reed, Malwarebytes’ director of Mac and mobile, told Recode.

According to Malwarebytes, there was a 400 percent increase in threats on Mac devices from 2018 to 2019 and an average of 11 threats per Mac device. That is about twice as many threats as on Windows devices.

What’s the Solution?

With all of that said, organizations are in dire need of an Apple-best solution to keep users and resources safe from cyber-attacks, no matter what device or where they are working from. Jamf has added new ways to deliver an enterprise-secure, consumer-simple Apple experience for work.

The first addition is Jamf Threat Defense, a security solution that protects iOS endpoints from being compromised by using on-device and in-network threat detection and zero-day phishing prevention with a web-based dashboard for real-time notifications and remediation.

Apple continues to grow every year. Its devices are relied on by millions of users, making them a target for malicious activity. Jamf’s in-network and endpoint security capabilities use advanced machine learning and threat intelligence engine, MI:RIAM, to quickly identify and prevent threats before they reach the device.

Moreover, Jamf is offering a new management capability that takes the notion of “policies” to the next level, ensuring users are not putting themselves or their organization at risk with careless or risky behavior. 

With this new feature, organizations are able to enforce acceptable usage of websites and apps to eliminate shadow IT and block risky content while also managing data consumption with real-time analytics and granular reporting.

Jamf further advances your organization’s security with a true zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution that replaces legacy VPN technology, ensuring that business connections remain secure after a user is authenticated.

Additionally, it enables non-business applications to route directly to the Internet or utilize Apple’s new iCloud+ Private Relay, preserving end-user privacy and optimizing network infrastructure.

Another notable feature is the Data Loss Prevention beta feature of Jamf Protect. It allows customers to ensure sensitive business data is only written to encrypted USB mass media drives, protecting against physical loss and unauthorized data access. 

Why Choose Jamf?

Jamf has expanded from Apple device management to an Apple Enterprise Management platform, serving more than 57,000 customers and running on 25 million devices worldwide. 

Apple Enterprise Management fills the gap between what Apple offers and what the enterprise requires by:

  • Connecting employees and devices to work resources, ensuring only the trusted and verified can get in.
  • Protecting people, devices, and organizations from inside-out and outside-in security threats.
  • Empowering workers with Apple devices that are simple to support and simple to use.

Jamf also recently announced an exciting new partnership with Red Canary, a leading security operations company, to help organizations run their businesses in the most secure and successful way possible. With the visibility and world-class Apple protection that Jamf provides, Red Canary can deliver security operation services that detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.

Plus, Jamf makes it easy to know exactly what security issues need immediate attention with the prioritization of Mac alerts. It does this by adding severity measures to certain alerts, allowing security teams to prioritize specific notifications and fix the issue before it gets out of control. 

Jamf’s modern security tools address the needs of today’s dispersed workforce by striking a balance between security, productivity, and end-user privacy, so organizations need not compromise one for another. 

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