MacBook Sales Push Apple to No. 4 in Worldwide Laptop Marketshare

MacBook Sales Push Apple to No. 4 in Worldwide Laptop Marketshare Credit: MacWorld
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Indicating that the company’s notebook computer sales saw an 11 percent increase during the third quarter, data analytics firm TrendForce published a report suggesting that Apple has officially clinched the No. 4 spot with an estimated 10.4% percent worldwide marketshare. While the laptop computer market, as a whole, saw a sizable 7 precent growth relative to the same quarter last year.

Spanning the months of July, August and September, TrendForce’s analysts estimate Apple shipped 4.43 million MacBooks — with the entry-level 12-inch MacBook in particular seeing “continuously strong demand” alongside the company’s warmly-received 2017 MacBook Pro models.

As you can see from TrendForce’s analysis, while PC-giants HP, Lenovo, and Dell secured the top three slots with a combined 61.5 percent marketshare between them, Apple still managed to slightly outperform ASUS and Acer — who shipped just 3.82 and 3.31 million laptops, respectively.

Interestingly, during its earnings call earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared that his company experienced its “best quarter ever” with regards to overall Mac sales — with revenue from laptop and desktop computers, specifically, up 25 percent relative to the same quarter last year.

Cook mentioned specifically that much of this improved sales performance can be attributed to the June 2017 MacBook Pro refresh, as well as a better-than-expected Back to School event which took place earlier this summer.

Worth noting is that while MacBook sales figures were only marginally higher than those of ASUS and Acer, Apple’s laptop computers are truly lightyears ahead of the competition in terms of design, quality, performance and, for better or worse, price.. With that said, perhaps the fact that Apple still managed to clinch the No. 4 slot really is more telling of how consumers want to spend their money.


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