Louis Vuitton’s New iPhone Case Costs More Than 8 iPhones

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Protecting your investments is important. But what if the protection for your investment was actually an investment?

It’s common knowledge that high-end designer fashion isn’t cheap. Some luxury items are worth the price due to their quality of design, however others are just simply out of this world ridiculous. Louis Vuitton’s newest Eye-Trunk iPhone cases are a perfect example of the latter.

Most of us are content with an off-brand iPhone case from Amazon, but case shoppers who have $1,250 to spare can pick up a black Eye-Trunk case with Louis Vuitton’s traditional LV pattern emblazoned in brown leather.

$1,250 is an obscene amount of money to pay for an iPhone case, but wait, it gets worse. Shoppers who possess an endless amount of money can step it up to the gold crocodile leather Eye-Trunk iPhone case for just $5,500.

The best part is, savvy-shoppers can actually “save money” by upgrading to the ultra-luxurious $5,500 crocodile skin Eye-Trunk iPhone case. How? Louis Vuitton will provide complementary shipping when buyers fill their carts up with over $3,000 worth of items. Such a fantastic deal.

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