LG Teased a Rollable Phone at CES (and It’s Not Just a Prototype)

LG Rollable Phone Credit: LG USA
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LG wowed the virtual crowd at its CES 2021 press conference with two teaser videos of its rollable smartphone.

Most people assumed the phone was merely a concept, but those familiar with LG’s plans confirmed to CNET that the Korean company may release the innovative phone later this year.

LG’s Rollable phone turned heads with its extendable display that converts from a phone to a tablet.

Owners can use the device as a normal-sized smartphone and then extend the screen upwards into a larger, more tablet-like display.

LG has not detailed how the technology works, but presumably, it works like the company’s new rollable OLED televisions.

According to what was shown in the CES videos, the bottom of the phone likely is equipped with a mechanism that furls and unfurls the display when the phone is held in landscape mode.

LG showcased the rollable phone in two short videos — one at the beginning and one at the end of its CES 2021 presentation.

Speaking on stage during the presentation, executives did not mention the device leading many people to believe it was only a concept. People familiar with LG’s plans, though, told CNET that the device is more than just an idea.

Like many other smartphone manufacturers, the Korean company is experimenting with new technology and innovative designs as a way to bring renewed excitement to the somewhat stale smartphone market.

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