Leave All of Your Keys (and Even Your Driver’s License) Behind with iOS 15

Apple Wallet App Credit: FellowNeko / Shutterstock
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Starting this fall with the debut of iOS 15, iPhone owners in some states will be able to add their driver’s license to Apple Wallet. These digital driver’s licenses will join digital Car Keys in the arsenal of information you can store in Apple’s Wallet app.

According to Apple, iOS 15 users in supporting states will be able to add a digital version of their driver’s licenses to Apple Wallet.

In a report by the New York Times, New York state is looking to expand its Excelsior Pass vaccine passport system to include driver’s licenses.

The federal government also is considering digital licenses and is looking for input on the security standards and requirements for obtaining a digital or mobile driver’s license.

Besides the tweaks to widgets and other exciting new features added to iOS 15, Apple will also expand the capabilities of Apple Wallet. Apple Wallet will soon accept digital Car Keys from launch partner BMW. Other car manufacturers hopefully will follow suit.

First the car and then your home. In iOS 15, Apple also expanded its Wallet into real estate keys. Homeowners or apartment dwellers with supported digital locks will be able to unlock their front door with Apple Wallet and Face ID.

Apple also teamed up with more than a dozen brands to support hotel and B&B keys. Starting in iOS 15, vacationers will be able to enter their accommodations using their iPhones.

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