Leaked Packaging Image Confirms iPhone SE Name, Apple Pay, and More

Leaked Packaging Image Confirms iPhone SE Name, Apple Pay, and More
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Once again, it appears that certain employees in Apple’s far East supply chain can’t seem to adhere to the terms of their non-disclosure agreements — as images purportedly showing off the packaging sticker of the company’s forthcoming 4-inch iPhone have surfaced online. And as we can see, the device will in fact be called the iPhone SE.

The photo, which shows the sticker written in equal parts English and Chinese, all but confirms that Apple has dropped the ‘5’ nomenclature, and that the device will come to market featuring the bottom-tier, 16 GB storage capacity.

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In addition to the confirmed name and base storage capacity of the forthcoming 4-inch iPhone, the sticker also reveals that the device will feature NFC capability — meaning it will support Apple Pay functionality out of the box.


However, the alleged photo leaker claims that, in addition to the 16 GB storage option, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone SE will come in a 64 GB capacity as well. Moreover, the device will not only come in 4 color options at launch — presumably the space grey, silver, gold, and rose gold we’ve grown accustomed to — but it will also bear many of the same design aesthetics of Apple’s iPhone 6s handset, which is on par with many of the predictions about the device’s physical design that have surfaced in recent months.

If you’re truly that eager to see what the device itself might look like, a video uploaded to Youku (a popular Chinese equivalent to YouTube), provided above, alleges to show off an iPhone 5s style body transposed into an iPhone 6s style design — which could very well give us a snapshot of what to expect come Monday morning.

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