Labor Shortage Spurs McDonald’s Franchise to Offer Free iPhones

McDonalds Offering Free iPhone to Employees Credit: Twitter / @brogawd_
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It’s no secret that employers with minimum wage jobs are struggling to find and keep workers. The hardest hit is the foodservice industry, which is facing a labor shortage.

In some cases, the lack of workers is so extreme that restaurants can’t even stay open seven days a week. It’s so bad that restaurants are bribing new workers to join their crew by offering significant bonuses and even giving away free iPhones.

The promise of money will entice workers, but, unfortunately, not all employers are willing to raise wages. Instead, some managers are coming up with creative ways to attract and keep workers. Such is the case of one McDonalds, which is offering a free iPhone for newly recruited workers.

There are a few “gotchas” in this offer. First, it is not known what iPhone the company is offering. Is it a new iPhone 12 or an older, barely operational iPhone 6, which may be shown in the sign below?

Second, the employee has to stay on board with the fast-food restaurant for at least six months. They can’t just join, claim the phone and then leave after a week.

There also are criteria that each worker has to meet. The sign doesn’t list this criterion may be, but the cynical among us suggest the standards may be set so high that most workers will not be able to meet them.

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