Kohl’s Will Offer Apple Watch Devices Ahead of Holiday Season with Major Perks

Kohl’s Will Offer Apple Watch Devices Ahead of Holiday Season with Major Perks
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In preparation for the busy holiday season, Kohl’s has partnered with Apple to start selling various Apple Watch models at 400 of its over 1,100 stores across the U.S.

Beginning Nov. 15, the department store will begin selling the Apple Watch. But Kohl’s isn’t launching the Watch in its electronics section. Instead, the retailer will sell the watch in the activewear and fitness section of various locations — unlike competitor Macy’s, who announced in September that it will sell the device in the electronics section of about 180 stores, according to TechCrunch.

The Watch models will be displayed on four-foot-tall fixtures — staffed by Kohl’s employees — that will show off four versions of the Apple Watch. The 400 department store locations will reportedly stock 10 different models of Cupertino’s flagship wearable.

The partnership is yet another push by Kohl’s toward establishing itself as an activewear and fitness-focused brand. Earlier this year, Kohl’s recently started carrying Under Armour clothing and accessories in all of its stores. This also isn’t the first time that Kohl’s and Apple have partnered, as Kohl’s has been a pioneer in implementing Apple Pay support throughout its store, 9to5Mac reported.

The Apple-Kohl’s partnership will likely be a boon for both stores. The availability of various Apple Watch models could help Kohl’s draw in more customers during the busy holiday season. Apple, in turn, will get access to a wider demographic than it normally would, Fortune reported.

Kohl’s has already released its Black Friday ad, where it boasts various promotional prices that potential Apple Watch buyers can take advantage of. For example, the department store is offering the Apple Watch Series 1 for $369 with a Kohl’s Cash bonus of $105. The Apple Watch Series 1 will retail for $269 at the store, and a purchase will earn $75 of Kohl’s Cash.


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