iPhones Aren’t Just for Young People Anymore


No longer are iPhones exclusively for younger people. A steep trend in iPhone sales show older people are beginning to find the iPhone more appealing. Smartphones are attracting the current generation of older adults for a multitude of reasons including ease-of-use, lower price-points, and the nearly limitless amount of life-improving uses.

Older adults are currently the most awesome generation of people around today. This group of people holds infinite wisdom and has conquered countless things during their lives. What could possibly stop them from using a smartphone? While it might be challenging at first, older adults have increasingly seen the value in owning an iPhone and they are purchasing them in hordes. Check out why older adults love their iPhones below.


Apple is renown for their products’ ease-of-use. A pervasive complaint from older adults was how difficult it is to understand the new technology. With the combination of the iPhone’s ubiquitous nature and its ease-of-use, we are seeing more and more older adults using Apple’s most popular gadget. In fact data from NPD suggests that buyers ages 55 and up are now the largest segment of the smartphone market, and account for 28 percent of all iPhone sales.

While the learning curve could be steep for some, most older adults are tackling the newer technology head on. Apple products, especially the iPhone, are extremely easy to use compared to its competitors. Most applications, menus, and settings are laid out in a functional and efficient arrangement. For anyone who is struggling with using the iPhone, there are countless tutorials found online. Many of which can be found right here on iDrop News.

Many features of the iPhone deemed useful to older adults are found under the “Accessibility” menu. To reach the accessibility menu, touch “Settings” > scroll down to “General” > then touch “Accessibility.” Here you will find VoiceOver, which will read the text on your screen to you in case you forget your glasses at home! You can also make the text on your iPhone larger by touching “Larger Text” and sliding the toggle to the right.

If you are hard-of-hearing, turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.” This will make the flash on your camera flash rapidly to alert you of an incoming call or a text message!

Lower Price-Points

Another reason why older adults are purchasing smartphones is due to their newly lowered price-point. Older adults can find iPhone plans with two lines, unlimited talk and text, and 6 gigabytes of data (more than enough for the average user) for only $100 a month. Similar priced plans reached nearly $200 only a few years ago. Lower iPhone plan prices allow for older adults to worry less and feel more comfortable financially.

Compare iPhone monthly plans below.

CarrierLinesTalk and TextDataMonthly Price
Verizon1Unlimited1 Gigabyte$45
AT&T1Unlimited1 Gigabyte$65
T-Mobile1Unlimited1 Gigabyte$50

As you can see, owning and using an iPhone doesn’t have to be expensive. For only $50 a month, you can use an iPhone with unlimited talk, text, and data on Sprint. Most older adults do not need unlimited data, and could save 5 dollars a month by selecting Verizon to be their carrier of choice.

Life-Improving Uses

We now know that iPhones are easy-to-use and are also affordable. This makes getting iPhones into the hands of older adults easier, but what do they do with the iPhone when they get it? And if they are still on the fence, why should they decide to purchase an iPhone?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of life-improving advantages to having an iPhone. One of the best reasons for an older adult to purchase an iPhone would be the Health Application. The Health application is included on every single iPhone, and a white icon distinguishes it with a small heart near the corner. This application can track many aspects of your health including your blood pressure, heart rate, body fat, and even the foods you eat.

WebMD is also a popular application for your iPhone that can be downloaded for free in the App Store. This application features a wide range of information and advice for a healthy living. It is great for emergencies as the symptom checker can help perform a preliminary diagnosis. Download here.

The iPhone can serve as an entertainment device as well. Many apps on the App Store, like Words With Friends, provide a fun way to play games while keeping in touch with family and friends. Words With Friends is very similar to the game Scrabble, but allows you to connect with the people you know all across the globe. Play and chat with your friends and family anytime for free! Download here.



The iPhone was once a device for the younger crowd. With newer health features, ease-of-use, entertainment value, and lower-cost-to-own, we have seen vast amounts of older adults embracing the iPhone. The most awesome generation around is learning the new technology and it is actually improving their lives every single day.

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