This Effective Anti-Robocall App Is Now FREE for iPhone Users

Stop Robocallers Credit: First Orion
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Spam and robocalls have become an increasingly worse problem in the U.S. over the past few years. You can probably attest to that fact yourself.

They’re annoying, sure. But the worst part about them is that there’s actually little that can be done to stop them. That’s largely due to number spoofing, which allows scammers to hide their actual number and avoid blacklists.

Luckily, there are some third-party solutions that can mitigate help scam calls. That’s where Truecaller comes in.

Truecaller is a simple iOS app that sports a suite of tools aimed at blocking unwanted calls — whether they’re cold calls or otherwise. Arguably, the primary feature of the app is its ability to spot and indentify spam calls, fraud calls and robocalls before you answer.

That’s due in large part to a crowdsourced list of spam numbers provided by the app’s 250 million user-strong community. You’ll be able to see details like name, call original location and other details. The fact that it’s crowdsourced also means that the list is being updated daily.

The app can also block these calls automatically, so you don’t even have to worry about letting a call ring out or hitting the “end call” button.

If a spam call happens to reach you, you can also add that number to the database. Alternatively, you can individually block call and text numbers through the app’s manual blacklist.

For the more ambiguous cold calls, Truecaller also provides a contact lookup feature. Just enter a number (or use you iOS call history) to see the name and other information associated with it.

There are also built-in dialing and messaging features in the app, but those aren’t really related to call blocking or spam mitigation.

The app has a free tier with ads with some feature limitations. The premium tier does away with ads and provides full access to all of its capabilities. It costs $1.99 a month or $18 a year — though pricing varies depending on your region.

Of course, even the best anti-spam app isn’t perfect. So your own mileage may vary. Still, using a solution like this is likely better than doing nothing and letting those robocalls annoy you throughout the day.


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