This iPhone X App Lets You Make Vivid 3D Models of Your Head

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Are you a selfie lover who enjoys snapping pics of your pretty face? Do you own Apple’s high-end iPhone X? If your answers are yes, and yes, listen up because there’s a new app coming soon that will (literally) make your head spin.

Bellus3D FaceApp is an iPhone X-exclusive created by the team at Silicon Valley startup, Bellus3D. It utilizes Apple’s remarkable TrueDepth camera system on iPhone X to render vivid 3D facial scans.

While it’s currently in beta form, and is thus presently unavailable to download from the iOS App Store directly, Bellus3D’s FaceApp is a promising evolution in app-based 3D facial scanning.

It grants iPhone X users the ability to capture high-resolution facial scans boasting the quality and vivid detail of those which were previously achievable only using expensive, standalone 3D scanning hardware.

How Does FaceApp Work?

To perform a facial scan, the Bellus3D FaceApp will ask iPhone X users to center the phone and slowly rotate their head for a period of about 10 seconds, during which it will capture over 250,000 unique 3D data points on the user’s face.

After the scan is complete, a user’s head is “virtually reconstructed” in three-dimensions, at whence the scan can be zoomed and panned and rotated right there on the iPhone X’s screen.

The 3D scans can then be saved as a video to your iPhone X’s camera roll album, or even uploaded to Facebook, the company said, while CultofMac noted that potential applications for these scans could include everything from mobile gaming, to virtual 3D make-up sessions, medical applications, and more.

Bellus3D is apparently planning to develop and release its own Face SDK for iOS, too, which it hopes will enable third-party app developers to add similar 3D facial scanning capabilities to their own iPhone X apps. And with all of Apple’s 2018 iPhone models rumored to adopt the company’s TrueDepth camera system and Face ID this fall, it shouldn’t be long until these impressive capabilities become more widely available.

If you’re eager to give it a shot right now, sign up with Bellus3D and be among the first FaceApp beta testers.

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