iPhone 7 Prompting You to Sign into Random Apple IDs? Here’s the Fix

Iphone 7 Credit: Vasin Lee / Shutterstock
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If your iPhone keeps asking you to log into random Apple IDs, you know how annoying it can be. Luckily, the fix is pretty easy.

A recent Reddit post highlighted the bug on an iPhone 7. Essentially, the original poster had received a new replacement iPhone 7 and logged into their Apple ID. Now, every time the user connects to a Wi-Fi or LTE network, iOS asks them to authenticate random accounts.

? Why Is My iPhone Asking to Sign into Random Apple IDs?

The bug is likely the result of various iTunes purchases connected to other Apple IDs because of digital rights management, or DRM, protections.

DRM is a set of technologies embedded in many popular media formats that restrict the spread and usage of said media.

In other words, if there is music, books, movies, or other iTunes-purchased media on your iPhone that were originally bought on another account, you’ll run into this issue when setting up a new device from a backup.

This can also happen with apps purchased on other Apple IDs, particularly when you use a shared computer to set up or perform routine tasks on your own device. Or, it could happen with music tracks that were pirated from another non-iTunes source.

? How to Stop iPhone from Asking to Sign into Random Apple IDs

Unfortunately, there only seem to be a couple solutions to the bug — and although rather simple, they can be pretty inconvenient or tedious.

Option 1:

For one, you can try deleting all of the music or media on your iPhone attached to another Apple ID. Of course, it can be hard to tell where a piece of music, a movie, or a book is sourced from. If you’d rather not delete the media in question, there is another method:

Option 2:

Simply hit Cancel whenever you see an iOS prompt asking you to login to another account. It may seem like an endless tide of prompts at first, but they will eventually go away. You basically have to hit cancel for each and every piece of DRM-protected media.

Once you see the prompts have gone away, back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. As long as you restore from that backup or a newer one, you shouldn’t see any more prompts when setting up a new device.

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