Here’s Why People Are Switching from Android to iOS (and Vice Versa)

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A recent poll of U.S. consumers reveals why people switch operating systems. While there are many reasons, the study finds that two specific factors are key.

The poll was conducted by PC Mag, who surveyed 2,500 smartphone owners in the U.S. to see why they’d switch from one dominant mobile operating system — iOS or Android — to the other and or vice versa.

The poll didn’t cover other operating systems, like Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS.

Of the people the publication polled, 54 percent owned an iPhone while the rest was made up of various Android OEMs. About 27 percent of Android users were using a Samsung device.

To be clear, OS switchers don’t seem to be all that common. Only about 29 percent of participants said they switched operating systems, with the remaining 71 percent saying that they’re committed to their OS of choice.

Why Switch to iOS?

18 percent of those who ended up switching did so from Android to iOS. Only 11 percent ditched the Apple operating system for Android.

Close to half of the people who switched from Android to iOS (47 percent, about 202 individuals) said they did so for a better user experience.

Around 25 percent of people who switched sides said they are looking for better features in design, camera, or other components.

But all in all, the reasons cited between the two operating systems were pretty neck-in-neck. Whether iOS or Android is a “better” operating system, it seems, largely comes down to personal preferences.

Why Switch to Android?

Android did dominate in one respect, however. About 29 percent of those who switched to the Google platform from iOS said that better prices were their primary reason.

Presumably, that’s because Android has a much larger variety of devices made by different manufacturers. Many of the Androids on the market retail for much less than iOS devices.

Is There a Big Reason to Switch?

But while the smartphone world is largely stratified between iOS and Android, many smartphone users don’t seem to really care about the difference between the two operating systems.

PC Mag points out that only 19 percent of respondents said they switched specifically because of the OS. The price (33 percent) and the brand (26 percent) were much more likely reasons.

The poll did reveal a few other interesting tidbits. PC Mag found that 56 percent of participants said they didn’t care about new smartphone releases, while 34 percent only buy new devices when their carrier contracts expire. More than half said they only replace their phones when their previous ones break.

Those findings are largely consistent with how the smartphone market is trending as a whole. Market analysts have forecasted that the smartphone industry is largely becoming saturated, with fewer people upgrading when new devices come out.

Largely, that might be because the era of “moonshots” in technology advancements and the device market is likely over. In other words, new devices just aren’t that exciting enough to compel people to switch. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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