Grab a Brand New iPhone 3GS for Just $40 (in South Korea)

Iphone 3gs Credit: Phone Arena
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According to a report from Korea’s official ET News, South Korean telecom provider, SK Telink, has officially begun selling brand-new and factory sealed iPhone 3GS devices, complete in their original packaging with all Apple accessories and paperwork in the box.

And if that isn’t gobsmacking enough, then might we add that the vendor is offering these units for just $40 apiece, while supplies last.

“The iPhone 3GS has been launched to celebrate the opening of the SK Seven mobile online mall while expanding the selection of consumer smartphones,” SK Telink announced, via ET News.

According to the phone seller, these iPhone 3GS units are brand-new and have been individually tested to ensure complete functionality, after they were allegedly discovered sitting in a warehouse for, well, the last nine years, prior to this deal going live.

As such, these are expected to sell fast, the paper cautions. And given its obsolescence, plus the nature of the units discovered, inventory is limited. Sales have already begun via SK Telink’s online storefront, too, so head on over and check it out if you’re interested.

Granted, it’s not quite capable of carrying out many of the demanding tasks iPhone users have enjoyed in recent years — considering the sheer rarity and value of some vintage and obsolete Apple products we’ve seen before, it’s a safe bet assume these units will be worth a fortune one day! Especially if their new owners decide to keep them in the wrapped box.

It was nine years ago this very week when late Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, took the wraps off his company’s “fastest, smartest phone yet” — the third-generation iPhone 3GS.

Wrapped in a black or white plastic shell with a thin strip of stainless steel ornamenting its measly 3.5-inch (non-Retina) LCD display, the iPhone 3GS boasted a number of worthy feature upgrades including a zippy 600 MHz CPU, up to 32 GB of onboard storage, improved camera hardware capable of recording video, advanced voice control functionality and much more.

The iPhone 3GS was a powerful, capable device, for its time; and a worthy upgrade even over the standard iPhone 3G — though the smartphone landscape as we know it has evolved quite profoundly in the years since its mid-summer 2009 debut.

Still, while it’s seemingly archaic all these years later — what with our iPhone Xs, wireless charging and all this talk about triple-lens camera systems — Apple’s iPhone 3GS is apparently still relevant over in South Korea.

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