Beware Some iPhone X Cases Might Not Fit iPhone XS

iPhone X Case Credit: Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock
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While Apple’s second-generation iPhone XS is mostly indistinguishable from its predecessor, the 5.8-inch iPhone X, a recent hands-on assessment of the models placed side-by-side actually revealed some minor design updates which may bode unfavorably for those who were hoping to use an iPhone X case to protect their iPhone XS, or vice versa. 

And that’s because the rear dual-lens camera bump on iPhone XS is apparently slightly larger — in both height and width — compared to the camera bump on iPhone X, according to an independent assessment conducted by the Japanese tech blog, Mac Otokara. 

Using advanced tools including digital calipers, the testers reported finding that the iPhone XS camera bump clocks in at 25.50 mm tall, while the iPhone X camera bump clocks in at just 24.13 mm — or about a difference of 1.3 mm and change. 

The report notes that while the thickness of iPhone XS’ camera bump may appear unchanged to the naked eye, the actual housing surrounding it has been bumped up by about one millimeter or so on both planes.

Which means, most significantly, that certain cases designed to fit iPhone X (nice and snugly), might not fit the iPhone XS just as well.


Mac Otokara provided the above image, which depicts an iPhone X placed inside an iPhone XS case, to illustrate their findings.

By looking closely, your may notice how the iPhone X camera fits rather loosely in the camera cut-out on the iPhone XS case — not quite filling the entire length or width of it. 

It fits, yes, but it’s clearly not a perfect fit, which unfortunately means it’s also probably not the best idea to try squeezing an iPhone XS into an iPhone X case.

It’s worth noting that in their testing, Mac Otokara found that Apple’s self-branded iPhone X leather case appears to fit the iPhone XS comfortably, although they had to exert quite a bit of force to get the handset in there.

While these minor revelations are unlikely to bode well with those who either upgraded to iPhone XS from iPhone X, or planned to buy an iPhone X case for their new iPhone XS, it’s also worth noting that Apple never indicated whether iPhone XS cases available on its website were backwards compatible with iPhone X, and the company has already stated its plans to discontinue selling iPhone X cases this week.

So, if you’ve recently purchased an iPhone XS (and especially if you’re upgrading to iPhone XS from the original iPhone X) your best bet to ensure physical protection of your device would be to search online for cases designed exclusively for iPhone XS.

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