iPhone X Owners Will Soon Be Able to Approve Family Purchases with Face ID

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Numerous iPhone X owners have recently discovered they can no longer approve Family Sharing purchases using biometrics.

While it’s still possible to approve purchases using Touch ID on other devices, Face ID doesn’t appear to be supported.

This means Family Sharing requests for purchases in iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store, required iPhone X users to manually type in their passwords to approve (#firstworldproblems).

This may finally be about to change with iOS 11.3. Staffers at 9to5 Mac have been playing around with the latest beta and discovered a prompt asking them if they want to enable Face ID for Family Sharing.

Once enabled, purchase request could be easily approved using just the user’s face.

Of course, you may want to think twice before enabling. Although Face ID is said to be more secure than Touch ID, it can confuse identical twins and some family members. However, for most people this will likely be a welcome improvement.

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