iPhone Continues to Be the Best-Selling Smartphone in 2022

A recent report shows that the iPhone continues to dominate the market around the world.
iPhone Sales Top Charts Credit: Shutterstock / Rokas Tenys
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If you’re reading this, you probably know how great the iPhone can be. Its many great features and advantages made the iPhone 13 lineup one of the best in the market. But as it turns out, we’re not the only one who thinks about it that way. 

A recent report from Counterpoint Research shows that the iPhone continues to dominate the market around the world. According to the data, Apple has become so popular that the iPhone occupies five slots in the top 10 best-selling smartphones. 

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The iPhone 13 Is Dominating the Market

It wasn’t a surprise that the iPhone 13 would be a best-seller for Apple, just like previous iPhones. What’s more surprising, in fact, is that pretty much all the iPhone 13 lineup sold pretty well during the month of April.

According to the data, the iPhone 13 represents 5.5% of total sales in smartphones during April 2022. A percentage that beats the second place by a landslide. 

And what smartphone is in second place? None other than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with a total of 3.4% of total sales. The most expensive iPhone yet is followed by the iPhone 13 Pro at 1.8% of total sales, and in fourth place is the iPhone 12, representing 1.6% of total sales in April. 

Samsung occupies fifth and sixth place with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G and Samsung Galaxy A13, respectively. And then Apple appeared on the list again with the 2022 iPhone SE in seventh place. 

According to Counterpoint, the iPhone 12 took 4th place because it saw increased sales in both Japan and India, and “it is the sole model in the list which was present in the best-sellers list in April 2021.”

Goodbye Mini, Hello iPhone SE

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises on the list is how the iPhone 13 mini didn’t make the cut, but the smaller, more affordable iPhone SE did. This happened because of two reasons, according to Counterpoint. 

First, the 2022 iPhone SE did pretty well in Japan, where it took 18% of the smartphone market in that region. In the US, on the other hand, the iPhone SE is not doing as well. 

Additionally, people are looking for more 5G smartphones. Apple knew this, and that’s why it started to add 5G support across all its mobile devices starting in 2020 with the iPhone 12. 

The month’s best-sellers list saw an increase in the number of 5G-enabled smartphones, rising to a new high of seven models and up from four in the same month last year. The 5G smartphones on the list represent a third of the total 5G smartphone sales. 5G capability has become a standard offering in flagships and its presence is increasing in lower price bands as well.Counterpoint

It seems the iPhone 13 mini won’t even be remembered, which is why Apple might be looking to get rid of the mini iPhone in the future. 

The Future Looks Bright for Apple

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 13 lineup will continue to be among the top best-selling smartphones in the world, but that’s nowhere near the end for Apple. 

The company is already looking forward to revealing the iPhone 14 later this year. If rumors are true, we might see a completely redesigned iPhone with no notch, an Always-On display, and a new affordable 6.7-inch iPhone supposedly called iPhone 14 Max.

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