iPhone and iPad Users Shopped Online 360% More on Thanksgiving Day Than Android Users

iPhone and iPad Users Shopped Online 360% More Than Android Users on Thanksgiving Day
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According to a new report, Apple’s iOS was the dominant platform used by mobile shoppers, as iPhone and iPad users accounted for 78.3 percent of e-commerce orders placed on Thanksgiving Day. Users of Android powered devices, in comparison, only made up 21.5 percent of online orders placed via mobile devices the same day.

These statistics are brought to you by Castora marketing’s official report on online buying and shopping trends, which features “200+ online retailers, 500 million anonymized shoppers, and over $100 billion in e-commerce revenue.”

iDrop_Ecommerce_01The firm noted on Thanksgiving Day that online shopping revenue had increased by 12.5 percent over last year. Similarly, transactions were up by 10.8 percent over the same day in 2014.

Orders placed using mobile phones or tablets, such as iPhone and iPad, jumped to 39.3 percent of all online sales on Thanksgiving Day — a number comfortably surpassing the 34.3 percent threshold reached on the same day last year.

Generally speaking, online shoppers have tended to favor Apple’s iOS, which, despite slipping 1.6 percentage points over last year, has retained its dominant lead in the mobile e-commerce game. Last year, for comparison purposes, 79.9 percent of mobile orders were placed using an iOS powered device.

Compared to all Android devices, collectively, Apple’s iOS continues to account for over 3.6 times the commercial relevance of online shopping use. This even despite the fact that Apple remains a minority platform by volume of units, and that the overall use of mobile devices has grown significantly.

According to a recent estimate by comScore, Apple’s smartphone marketshare in the U.S. is currently hovering around 40 percent. No matter what Apple’s market share is, one thing is clear, iPhone and iPad users love to shop.

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