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iPhone 6s Crushes Galaxy Note 5 in Real-World Performance Test

iPhone 6s Crushes Galaxy Note 5 in Real-World Performance Test
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For quite some time, Android phone manufacturers have been attempting to lure customers based on beefed-up specifications. Users of these phones, with massive amounts of RAM and high-powered processors use these specifications to justify their purchases. Many of these phones used to edge out iPhones in “benchmark” performance tests, giving Android fans another cause to gloat.


Although the iPhone now beats most of the competition in these benchmark tests, tests of performance in real-world usage provide much more insight to the casual user. These tests may not be quite as scientific as benchmark testing, but they typically more accurately represent how most phone users interact with their mobile device. A recent test by YouTube user “PhoneBuff”, in which he pitted the new iPhone 6s Plus against the reigning speed test champ Galaxy Note 5 in a speed test showed the iPhone 6s Plus dominating the competition.

The test, which PhoneBuff calls the “PhoneBuff-style speed test”, sees the user rapidly open a series of apps, including system apps, games, the Photoshop Mix app, a sports app, and finally concluding with the user loading up Amazon’s mobile and full websites. The iPhone 6s finished the first “lap” of these tests roughly 2 seconds faster than the Note 5. However, in the second “lap”, i.e. the multitasking portion of the test, the 6s crushed the Note 5, finishing 16 seconds faster. Although the Note 5 has double the RAM of the iPhone 6s (4GB compared to 2GB), the iPhone 6s performed much better due to how iOS handles the multitasking of apps.

Although the test may not demonstrate the performance of every facet of the phone, it does show that the 6s performs faster, and multitasks better than the Galaxy Note 5. Seeing as how the Note 5 had previously beaten the rest of the worthy Android competition, the test demonstrates in many real-world situations, the 6s is likely the fastest mobile phone out today.

To see the test in real time, check out the video below.

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