iPhone 6 Plus Returned to Owner in Working Condition After Months on Ocean Floor

iPhone 6 Plus Returned to Owner in Working Condition After Months on Ocean Floor

We’ve all felt that panic when we realize we’ve lost our phone. Most of the time, frantically searching between couch cushions or in that gap between your car seat and center console while your friend dials your number will yield positive results. Realizing you lost your phone while it’s on silent or low on/out of battery will make you even more grief-stricken, and the search efforts more intense. However, what if you realized that you’ve lost your phone in the ocean? What do you do then?

That’s exactly what happened to imgur user ehtnaerokyug last March on a kayaking trip in California’s Monterey Bay. He set out on the trip with his iPhone 6 Plus around his neck in a brand new waterproof bag he ordered from Amazon. The iPhone allowed him to take some great photos while kayaking, until he fell out of the kayak. His foot got caught in some seaweed, and he panicked, frantically swimming to get back to his kayak. He eventually made it back up, only to fall again when he attempted to hoist himself into his kayak. He made it back in a second time, this time successfully. However, while this time he heard a “snap” while righting himself back in the boat. Thinking it was just his life jacket, he paddled for about a half hour back to shore. That’s when he realized what the “snap” was – it was the cord that held his iPhone around his neck.

073115-IPHONE6KAYAK-2One of the Photos Ehtnaerokyug Snapped With the iPhone 6 Plus in its Waterproof Bag

Workers at the kayak rental service tried to trace his route back to where he fell to find his phone with no luck. From there, he enabled Lost Mode, hoping that someone may come across it. “I put my phone in lost mode and put my friend’s phone number as the lost message in case someone found the phone. After a week of logging into the find my iPhone app with no luck. I gave up. It was done.”

073115-IPHONE6KAYAK-3That is, until May 8, almost two months later, when he received a notification that his lost phone was turned on. He was put into contact with the person who found it, who came across the phone while kayaking and snorkeling in the same area. The two met up, and when ehtnaerokyug opened the waterproof bag his phone was in, and the turned the phone on – it was fully functioning with no water damage.

What did ehtnaerokyug learn throughout the whole ordeal? “These waterproof bags work. There’s amazing people out there who are willing to give back your possession if you’re nice and not a jerk to them.”

There you have it, folks. Don’t go kayaking unless your iPhone is in a waterproof bag.


Would you take your phone out into the middle of the ocean? With or without a waterproof case? Is this guy crazy or are the photos totally worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

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