iOS 9’s Security Wall Has Proven Nearly Impossible to Jailbreak

iOS 9's Security Wall Has Proven Nearly Impossible to Jailbreak
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Jailbreaking iPhones has always been an option for users who are looking to get inside the device to enable third party apps, to gather system data, and to open up the system to greater capabilities (though risky, and definitely not Apple recommended).

However, it appears that the latest iOS has sealed off all potential loopholes and weak spots, making devices running iOS 9 very difficult to crack.

iphone_6_jailbreak_2For starters, to “jailbreak” a phone means to open the phone’s operating system in order to let you personalize, hack, or install software on the device that wasn’t possible before the break. As notable source PCWorld puts it:

Jailbreaking is the process of hacking these devices to bypass DRM restrictions, allowing you to run ‘unauthorized’ software and to make other tweaks to your operating system.”

In the past, users have used jailbreaking systems in order to escape the limits and boundaries that Apple has placed on its devices. Like most smartphones and tablets, iPhones come with a layer of Digital Rights Management (DRM) that are aimed at keeping users safe. But once bypassing these restrictions, users can do anything from installing unofficial apps, altering the UI, and changing carriers, among other tweaks and alterations.

When it comes to the latest OS installment from Apple, however, hackers are having a hard time getting inside. Whether its due to Apple dedication to user privacy, or whether they are finally putting a limit on jailbreaking is anyone’s guess. A report from news portal Master Herald noted:

It looks like jailbreaking has been made significantly more difficult in the new version of iOS, and Apple has put a lot of work into the security of the system. Currently, efforts to develop a jailbreaking solution have produced questionable results at best.”

Famous hacker group Pangu has been unable to produce any results thus far, and have brought to everyone’s attention that iOS 9 has been the most difficult system to produce a perfectly working jailbreak. Updates from other famous hacking groups like Evasi0n, PPJailbreak, or TaIG have yet to surface.

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