iOS 9 Update Error Affecting All Devices

iOS 9 Update Error Affecting All Devices
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iOS 9 was released to the masses on September 16th, as expected, promptly at 10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. While many iOS device owners had their expectations sky-high for the instantaneous release, many were let down suddenly.


An update error is affecting many iOS updaters, and preventing them from installing iOS 9. When pressing the download and install button, found within the software update menu, an entirely too short error message will appear.

“An error occurred downloading iOS 9.” The message simply gives you the options to close the message or head back to settings; nothing regarding a resolution to actually fix the issue at hand. Users who exited the popup and attempted to install the update again, faced a similar unsuccessful fate.

This isn’t the first time iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners have experienced update issues. Many times the issue is the result of over-crowding of Apple’s servers. This means there are too many people attempting to access and download Apple’s iOS update at once, and eventually the system gets too overwhelmed to handle anyone else.ios-9-device-compatibility-chart

The issue isn’t affecting a select few iPhone owners, but is happening concurrently across all iOS devices.

This issue was widely prevalent when Apple released iOS 7, the biggest and most monumental iOS update yet. Due to the complete redesign of iOS 7, it was a hugely popular update, which crowded Apple’s servers for hours. The only resolution was to wait.

What to Do Next

  • Wait it out. Try again later today when the servers aren’t overcrowded.


  • If you’re near your computer, try to update via iTunes. It seems that more people have issues updating OTA (over the air) versus a wired connection through their computer.

Did updating via iTunes work for you? Or did you just wait until the storm calmed?
Let us know in the comments below!

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