iOS 9 Proved Challenging to Jailbreak, iOS 9.1 Still Locked Down

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iOS 9 was a tough egg to crack. When it comes to Apple’s latest iOS, individual hackers and hacker groups alike were having a tough time getting inside iOS 9.

It seems that with the newer iOS versions, Apple has indeed stayed true to its word and is doing everything possible to keep user data private. However, two groups have released their jailbreaking app to the community, and are actively working on pursuing a jailbreak for iOS 9.1

jailbreak_ios_9_2The Chinese team dubbed Pangu has unleashed Pangu 9, jailbreaking tools that help users to jailbreak iOS 9. On top of this, hacker team taiG has an iOS 9 jailbreak, too. These jailbreaking options have opened up a lot of venues for iPhone users running iOS 9, leading to new features and apps that enhance a user’s experience.

There are a few notable things that the iOS 9 can do for your device. For instance, it can bring capabilities to your phone that were only thought to exist on the latest iPhone model. Take, for example, 3D Touch, currently only a feature that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can enjoy. However, a user running a jailbreak tool can install RevealMenu to bring the 3D touch experience (including the Peek and Pop functions) to older devices. You can also install functions like live photos, front flash, untethered ‘Hey Siri!’ with a jailbroken device.

Users can go about using the jailbreaks in two ways: either by uploading an installing to a computer, or by directly downloading the app.

Wary about jailbreaking your smartphone? You’re not alone. Though common, jailbreaking can open up your device’s operating system and personal information to third parties. However, jailbreaking your device can lead to full customization, which includes banned apps, new fonts, and more.

Apple admits that it patched two of the gaps and vulnerabilities discovered by the teams in iOS 9, thus ensuring that the jailbreak would not work on the newer iOS 9.1. There is currently no jailbreak option for users running iOS 9.1 on their devices.

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