iOS 9 to Fix Bugs and Include Stability Update

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Rumors of Apple’s iOS 9 states that the company wants to build upon its existing operating framework to make sure that everything works thoroughly and more consistently. Apple’s ability to produce new versions of iOS every year takes its toll on major features, resulting in unwanted bugs. However this year it seems like Apple will be focusing on fixing these issues and maintaining stability for the new operating system.  There will be some new features with the update, but the main priority seems to be on making a faster and more reliable iOS.

iOS 8 was possibly one of the most ambitious updates that Apple ever launched for any platform in terms of new features. This operating system laid the groundwork for cross-platform functionality, began supporting Apple Pay, and started the foundation for Apple Watch compatibility.  Those features combined represent a huge change in the fundamental building of the operating system.

Reports also suggest that in addition to optimization and performance, Apple will begin to make the sizing and storage requirements lighter than before.  This is good news for the average 16GB device owner who remembers the frustration of needing to delete photos, videos, and messages just to make room for the update.

Many users have been calling for stability since the beginning of the iOS 8 launch, and would benefit from a more problem free operating system. There is no official timeline for the release of iOS 9 yet, but Apple usually announces the new version around June and releases in the fall.

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