iOS 9 Can Do Things You’d Never Expect

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The new iOS update is based on what is truly important, what Apple is calling “foundations.” These main foundations include performance, battery life, security, and intelligence. The best part, iOS 9 is even more intelligent than we expected it to be.


iOS 9 will see a huge performance update. Apple states that iOS 9 will allow your iPhone to run up to 1.6x faster than the already quick iOS 8. Also great news, Apple has reduced the amount of space needed to upgrade to the newest iOS. The new operating system has been slimmed down to only one gigabyte in size!


Battery Life will also be improved dramatically. iOS 9 will power your iPhone’s battery an entire hour longer than it did in iOS 8. iOS 9 will include a new feature aptly named “Low Power Mode.” Instead of going through all your settings attempting to turn off any unnecessary features possible to lengthen your battery power, Low Power Mode does it all for you. It even “pulls levers you didn’t even know about” extending battery life by up to 3 hours!

Security will also be revamped. Expect to see a fix for the evil message bug that could restart almost any iPhone. Siri has been updated to keep all personal information stored on the iPhone itself, rather than in the cloud. This gives the user complete control over their personal information, making it much more difficult to get into the hands of people who might abuse it.


Intelligence is the last key feature of Apple’s four foundations. In iOS 9, almost everything has become smarter. Siri has a new look and will be able to show reminders based on your location. This new intelligence is known as Proactive. Proactive does simple, but smart things like playing your music for you. All you need to do is walk into your gym, and plug in your headphones.

Dining out is even simpler. If you receive an notification for a reservation in an email, Siri will automatically add the reservation to your calendar. Siri will also remind you of the reservation, and pull up directions right as you should leave to make sure you’re on time.

Siri will also be able to sort through your recent emails, messages, and notes to find contact information. Upon receiving a phone call from a number you don’t recognize, Siri might find that same phone number in the signature of an email from Johnny Appleseed. Siri will suggest that it could be “Johnny Appleseed” calling.


iOS 9 will recommend apps in the bottom left corner of your home screen, depending on the time of day. If you routinely check your email promptly at 8 am, Siri will recognize the time and give you a shortcut to the app.

Also vastly improved is Spotlight Search, which will now search through multiple applications, digging deep within apps, taking you directly to what you were searching for with minimal clicks.


Photos will be receiving some new features as well. Spotlight Search will now recognize what you are “saying” as you type into the search bar. The new search tool will recognize typical phrases one might say to a person. Type something like “Show photos from last June in San Francisco” will provide photos from, you guessed it, last June in San Francisco. Photos will also be easier to scroll through and view with the new “scrubber feature.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.41.16 AM (2)

A new native application that will be included with iOS 9 is the “News” app. The news app is a beautiful new way to read the news you care about. It compiles news from your favorite sources as well as suggests new content you might have never heard of before. Right off the bat we will see content from GQ, Vogue, The New York Times, Wired, and other notable magazines.

iOS 9 is going to provide iPhone users with a multitude of advantages. The update will prove to be smarter and faster, allowing any user to be more productive while using their smartphone. Download iOS 9 when it is released to the public this fall.

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