iOS 9.3 Will Alert You How Much Data Has Been Used by the Unruly Wi-Fi Assist

iOS 9.3 Will Alert You How Much Data Has Been Used by the Unruly Wi-Fi Assist
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When the Wi-Fi Assist feature was introduced alongside iOS 9, it was initially met with much scrutiny. Many users griped about data overages incurred as the result of Apple’s “misleading” new feature that, in actuality, was intended to ensure their iOS device was always connected to the web.

Now, however, as iOS 9.3 beta continues to trickle out to users and developers, alike, we’re being introduced to new and valuable feature updates that will be part of the newest firmware when it launches — and one of those features, to our absolute delight, will tell you exactly how much data is being used by Wi-Fi assist.

iphone-ios9-disable-wifi-assistOnce iOS 9.3 is officially released to the public, users will be able to navigate through the settings app, to Wi-Fi, and, in addition to being able to toggle Wi-Fi Assist on and off, you’ll also be able to see an actual number that will reflect the amount of data consumed while Wi-Fi Assist is active.

Wi-Fi Assist is one of the many great features introduced alongside iOS 9 last fall. Its primary intent, as we mentioned, is to ensure that a user’s device is always connected to the web — whether via Wi-Fi, or, in the event that Wi-Fi signal is too low or out of range, via 3G/4G LTE.

iDrop_WiFiAssistAlert_02A number of users, however, had initially expressed frustration with the feature, claiming that it was misleading and impossible to determine when and how much data was being consumed while the feature was active. As we reported, a class-action lawsuit was even filed against Apple to that effect, believe it or not.

The widespread frustration and associated blows to Apple, however, ultimately prompted the company to publish an official support document explaining how the feature worked. And now, so it seems, Apple will be implementing even greater measures into iOS 9.3 to help users stay on top of their Wi-Fi Assist usage.

This wouldn’t be the first lawsuit that Apple has faced in recent times; after all, it seems the company is involved in a constant courtroom battle, whether as the result of patent infringement or user complaints or what have you.

Fortunately, though, now that users will soon be able to manage and discern whether or not they want to utilize the Wi-Fi Assist feature, Apple should be safe from lawsuits like this one.

So what do you think about the new and improved Wi-Fi Assist feature?
Would knowing how much data is being consumed influence your decision to utilize it?

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