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iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 Fixes Minor Bugs, Adds New Features

iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 Fixes Minor Bugs, Adds New Features
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Apple has released the second public beta of its latest mobile operating system, iOS 9.2, for public testing, only one day after seeding the second public beta of the operating system to developers.

Those who have signed up to Apple’s beta testing program will be able to access the second iOS 9.2 beta as an over-the-air update. The update, known as build 13C5060d, comes with a number of changes, including support for AT&T’s NumberSync, which is basically the AT&T version of Apple’s Continuity. AT&T users can basically use one single phone number for multiple devices.

What this means is that when a user gets called on their phone number, the call can be received on multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices. Users will basically be able to take and make phone calls from devices like their iPad and their Mac, as well as other non-Apple devices, which is great for those that own an iPhone and maybe have a Windows computer or an Android smartwatch. Because of the fact that NumberSync is network-based, users can even take calls through other devices when the phone is missing or if its batteries are dead.

To enable NumberSync, users need to head to “Settings,” then choose “Phone,” then “Wi-Fi Calling.” After that, users need to select “Add Wi-Fi Calling For Other Devices,” after which they will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions, and Wi-Fi Calling will be enabled for other devices that are tied to the same iCloud account.

There are also a number of bug fixes in the new operating system. The first of these fixes is that un-pairing and re-pairing the Apple Watch won’t cause the Stocks glance to be removed. The ability to Syncing Music to the Apple Watch has also been fixed in the new operating system. Next up is the fact that an issue in which audio quality is diminished when users are playing audio over USB in some particular car stereos has been fixed. A bug with iCloud Keychain has also been fixed, in which users will no longer see the “Could Not Set Up iCloud Keychain” errors that are shown. Last but not least is the fact that videos that have a “folw” track association won’t fail to play on devices that are 32-bit.

Apart from NumberSync, another new feature is that users will be able to dismiss the Safari View Controller with a single edge swipe.

The update is, of course, only available to those who are part of Apple’s iOS beta program. The beta program is a way for users to have access to Apple’s mobile operating systems before those operating systems are released to the public however there are a number of things to keep in mind. For example, beta operating systems often have a number of bugs, which may be more serious than users will want. For those who rely on their iPhone to stay with them throughout the day and to perform tasks without any hassle, you might want to stick with more stable releases.


For those who are interested in signing up to Apple’s iOS beta program, however, it’s pretty easy to do. Users simply have to head to the Apple Beta Software Program page, and click the sign up button. Users will need to use their Apple ID to sign up to the program, after which they will need to read through the terms and conditions of the program and click on “Accept.” Users will then receive a confirmation email along with instructions on how to install the latest beta version of iOS. It’s a great way for users to know what Apple’s latest features are before they’re released to the public, however again, users should only sign up if they’re willing to deal with a few bugs.

The update follows a new update for the Apple Watch, which brings the operating system on the Apple Watch to WatchOS 2.0.1, coming one month after the release of WatchOS 2. The 2.0.1 update also brings a number of changes to the operating system. Ironically, the update will fix a bug that causes the software update to stall. Other fixes include issues that impacted battery life, as well as issues that prevented an iPhone from syncing the Calendar app on the iPhone to the Apple Watch. Apart from these fixes, a number of other bug fixes have been implemented.

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