iOS 9.1 Brings New Emoji, Wallpapers, and Live Photos Fix

iOS 9.1 Brings New Emoji, Wallpapers, and Live Photos Fix

Apple began to roll out iOS 9.1 this morning, after several beta versions were extensively tested by developers. Along with several bug fixes and stability improvements, iOS 9.1 brings several new features to the table. Over 100 new emoji icons are now available, as well as a tweak to the new Live Photos feature, and more come with the new update.


Dozens of new emoji icons are available with the new update, including a taco, burrito, unicorn, and all-important middle finger. Several new sports icons were added, as well as gambling icons, several new faces, and a dedicated section for animals and nature, including a turkey and a lion.

The Live Photos feature, one of the most popular features with the release of iOS 9, sees a rather large fix. When taking a Live Photo with the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, the camera captures 1.5 seconds of footage before and after the photo is snapped. A lot of users have been reporting that the last 1.5 seconds of their Live Photos are simply of them lowering the phone and putting it in their pocket.

With iOS 9.1, Apple has added a feature that detects when the phone is being lowered, and stops the Live Photo from capturing footage. The feature should be quite the improvement to Live Photos.

On the topic of Live Photos, iPhone users without one of the new 6s or 6s Plus handsets will now be able to view Live Photos sent to them with the installation of the OS upgrade.


Aside from the new emoji and update to Live Photos, iOS 9.1 adds several new wallpapers and the ability to disable photos for contacts in the Messages app for a more streamlined appearance. Compatibility updates for the new iPad Pro and the fourth generation Apple TV, which begins shipping next week, are also included in the update.

To install iOS 9.1, open the Settings app, and navigate to Software Update. Users can also connect their device to a laptop or desktop computer, and install using iTunes.

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