iOS 8.1.3 to be Released Soon

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Apple is expected to release iOS version 8.1.3 soon. Although it isn’t confirmed whether the release will be a beta release or available to the public, sources say that the update may come early this week.

Web traffic from several Apple-related websites and blogs suggest that Apple has already released the update to select users, likely Apple retail employees. Several websites noted a “very clear spike” in traffic from devices already running iOS 8.1.3, which may indicate that Apple is skipping iOS 8.1.3 beta and is looking to roll it out to the public very soon.

The update is expected to be a minor one, likely centered on bug fixes and slight improvements in performance. It will likely address some of the lingering issues that remain after the release of 8.1.2; some users, for example, are still reporting increased battery drain after installation of the previous update. Users looking for a major update and/or new features will have to wait until the release of iOS 8.2, already in the beta stage, which is expected to release simultaneously with the hotly anticipated Apple Watch.

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