How To Share Wi-Fi Access with Guests on iOS 16

how to share wifi password on iOS 16
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When using an iPhone, did you know there’s a secure way to give WiFi access to your guests? Yes, and the benefits of sharing WiFi access though this iOS native feature are at least three fold.

  1. Ease – You don’t have to try to remember the password
  2. Speed – You don’t have to copy and paste the password
  3. Security – You don’t have to say the password around other people

iOS 16’s ‘Share Wi-Fi Password’ Feature

Since iOS 11, users have been able to share WiFi passwords with people around them. It works by using Bluetooth to transmit the password to the other user’s device securely.

While it’s not perfect and can be a little buggy, it is the easiest and the most secure way of sharing a password with your friends, family, and other guests in your home.

  1. On your iPhone (or the device that has access to the WiFi network), go to Settings and make sure Bluetooth is toggled on
  2. Additionally, ensure WiFi is toggled on, and that the device is on the Network you want to share
  3. On your guest’s device (or the device that doesn’t have access to the network), go to Settings and make sure Bluetooth and WiFi are toggled on
  4. On the guest’s device, from WiFi settings, tap on the network. Make sure both devices are within Bluetooth range (the closer, the better)
Share WiFi on iOS 16
Photo Credit: Daniel Hipskind / Apple Inc.

Please note that we’ve seen this feature can be unreliable. So, if you have any issues, the best option can be to toggle Bluetooth on and off. If that doesn’t work, simply restarting both phones should do the trick. If all else fails, try copying and pasting your saved Wifi password. Here is how to.

Disclaimer: Please only share password with people you absolutely trust. It’s also a good practice to change passwords on your WiFi every so often.

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