iOS 14.7.1 Causing ‘No Service’ Errors for Some iPhone Users

iPhone 6s Showing No Service Credit: Thanida Siritan / Shutterstock
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Apple recently rolled out iOS 14.7.1 to patch a security vulnerability and fix the unlock bug that plagued Apple Watch owners. Following this release, a growing number of users are reporting a “No Service” error on their iPhones.

Users on Apple’s Developer Forum and its general public discussion forum are having issues with their cellular service.

Affected owners have tried to fix the issue by restarting their iPhones, removing their SIM cards, and even resetting all their network settings.

Despite these changes, the problem continues to persist. For some, they’ve been battling this issue for weeks.

Woke up to ‘No Service’ about 2 weeks ago and still. I was starting to think it was just my phone. tried everything. Still.


It’s not just new iPhones with this issue. Users with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone 11 are affected.

Apple has a dedicated support page for those who have the No Service or Searching error. Following the update, tips and tricks to fix the problem under normal circumstances did little to improve the “No service” issue.

Apple reportedly is working on iOS 14.8, but it may take some time for that version to debut publicly. It’s not even available yet to developers.

It’s possible Apple could release an interim version, iOS 14.7.2, that deals with only this “No Service” problem.

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